Baptism Stories

We recently celebrated Baptisms at the Duluth Vineyard. Here are a few stories from folks who participated about why they decided it was time to be baptized:

“All of my life, Christ has walked at my side. It’s time for me to take his hand, so that I can walk with him the rest of my life.” —David Bordner

“I’ve finally found a church where I belong and can call home and I want to officially join the family of God.” —Hannah Christenson

“When I saw my sister get baptized that was the day I wanted to get baptized. Baptism is saying you believe in God and that you have a new body. It’s saying you are washing away your sin and it makes me feel good. It’s saying that you are always with God and that he is always with you.” —Ella Stark

“My late husband and I were going to get baptized before he passed away. Now, the Lord spoke to me and said it was time.” —Mary Morton