A Challenge for our Vineyard Kids

“I’ve given Vineyard Kids a challenge that every week they are invited to do something kind for someone and tell them they did the kind thing because “God loves me and God loves you.”

This weekend I had groups of kids sharing their success. Here are a couple highlights:
  • One kid noticed another kid being bullied on the playground. He talked to the bully and tried to get the bully to leave the other kid alone. When the bully wouldn’t, he went and found the playground monitor. He stood up for a kid who needed someone to stand up for them because God loves them.
  • Another girl shared about a boy who pushed her and caused her to break her wrist. Because God showed her how to forgive, she said God showed her how to be his friend and now they are good friends.
  • Other kids vacuumed for their parents, helped with dinner and dishes, or helped their brothers or sisters pick up toys
Seeing our kids do brave things makes me so excited!”
—Becca Eastvold