God Breaks Chains Through Baptism

“I was born and baptized a Catholic. However about 30 years ago I was dating my now husband at the time and started attending a non-denominational church. It was the first time I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior.  We married and raised our 2 sons and attended church every Sunday and did a Bible study on Wednesdays. It was a few years later that the pastor had to step down and shortly after that I had a life-changing event that interfered with my opinion and faith of the church. These last 12 years of my spiritual life was very inconsistent, living a carnal life, trying to survive on own my own works, ultimately feeling lost and alone.

In April 2018, I experienced a very traumatic life-changing event. A week after the event, my son invited me to the Vineyard with him. I cried the whole service and my heart was heavy. “Break Every Chain” was playing and, as you can imagine, it was a very emotional experience for me. At ministry time, I choose to receive prayer which was also very emotional for me.

From that day forward, I continued to attend church and became more conflicted. Soon I realized the problem in my life was that I was trying to do it all alone. I was exhausted emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Every day I meditated, prayed, and worshiped with music, but still, something was missing.

During a worship service in the early fall of 2018, the Pastor was talking about the next baptism dates. I knew at that moment I wanted to re-dedicate my life to Jesus Christ and offload all the hurt, betrayal, and trauma from my past unto to him. I needed to trust God’s plan and have confidence that through his unconditional love and his grace I could heal.

On October 28th during the 11am service, my life changed forever! It was the most amazing experience in my entire life! There are no words that can describe what happened to me in that brief moment that I went under. The song that was playing was “Break Every Chain”!

Baptism is only the beginning to my forever loving relationship with the one person who will never leave or give up on me: my Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

—Christine Leone