Prison Ministry Makes a Difference

“I recently greeted a gentleman who came into the church during the week asking to speak with a pastor. When I asked what it was about, he replied that he just really needed a pastor. I got him connected with a pastor who talked and prayed with him and he surrendered his life to Jesus. He told the pastor that he had been receiving our weekly sermon transcription through our Prison Ministry and he knew when he got out of prison that the first thing he wanted to do was ask Jesus into his life.

I have also read a letter in response to someone receiving a Birthday card from Prison Ministry. Our volunteers pray over each card and handwrite a message in each one. The letter said that while she was in prison the only letters she received were from us. She thanked us for remembering her birthday. She said her family didn’t even remember but we did and it meant a lot. This is why we send out all these letters!”

—Terry Strom