Growing Through Freedom for Life Small Groups

For me the biggest thing I took away from doing the Freedom for Life small group besides the material was the connection. I moved back to Duluth in May and didn’t really talk to anyone outside of work. From that time until the group started, I was just wallowing in loneliness. Then two weeks before the small group started, I spent the night in jail. I almost didn’t want to come to the group after that, because I was so embarrassed. I wasn’t even going to talk about it, but it came out in the first meeting. Everyone was so supportive and offered to come to court with me. I wasn’t expecting that, but the connection of being together and sharing and growing closer in my walk with God, I feel like a different person since this it started. I feel like I’m overflowing now. I was so closed in during the beginning of the year, but now I feel a lot better.

— Laura

Here’s the transcript I took from your video, would it be okay if I shared it on the website?
Every time I go through the Freedom for Life material, there’s always something else that I get out of it. This time, I think the profound revelation that I took away from this is that we always keep trying to give God our perfection, but he astounds us and uses our weaknesses to help other people. I have some things I feel like I do well and I enjoy doing it, but he uses the very worst attributes about me, my failure, and falling into sin. The fact that God can not only stop that, but turn it around and use it to help other people amazes me!

– Laurie