On the Right Track: Healing After Ear Surgeries

“About 3 years ago, my mom pointed out an irregular mole on the top of my ear and told me I should get it checked. Last fall, I finally made a dermatology appointment for spring to get it taken care of. COVID-19 delayed it by another 2 months, but I eventually got my appointment. They determined it precancerous, so I was referred to plastic surgery so they could completely remove it.

When you remove that much skin from that top part of the ear, you have to borrow skin from other places in order to make things look good again. My first surgery involved cutting off the precancerous skin and then they attached my ear to my head so the new skin would grow a blood supply and then the second surgery would separate my ear from my head and use a skin graft where we borrowed skin from my head.

However, thanks to all the prayers and God, the first surgery healed so well and thoroughly that when the surgeon went to do the second surgery he didn’t have to do a skin graft. He was surprised by this. I am still healing from the second surgery but God has already given me a gift of very little pain and I’m sure that again we are right on track. God is so good.”

—Teresa Clement