Baptism Stories of Hope

We recently celebrated Baptisms at the Duluth Vineyard. Here are a few stories from folks who participated about why they decided it was time to be baptized:

I have surrendered my whole life to Christ and getting baptized is a public testament of my true commitment to him. —Eva Whitehorse

It signifies the beginning of a new way of living my life. —Juliana Martinez

Baptism is the outward expression of our internal transformation. I am excited to physically show my soul’s change and commitment to following Christ. —Jordyn Allen

I have had a new chapter in my life open up, because of this I want to symbolize my following of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. — Gage Ritchie

I like to become closer to God and I feel like it will bring me closer to the one I love. —Esperanza Harding 

It’s special to me because then I can be made new and show that I’m a Christian. —Hailey Rempp