Celebration of Baptisms!

“My Dad had always brought our family to church, as long as I can remember. & now I take my child to church. Our relationship with Jesus has gotten stronger over the years. For me, Baptism is that next step to build that stronger bond with Jesus.” —Shae Radosevich

“I got to know Jesus through the Bible and church. My relationship is love because he is my Savior.  Baptism is special to me because I know Jesus died on the cross for us.” —Evelyn Wentworth

“I got to know Jesus through the Bible and church.  My relationship is love because he is my Savior.  He died on the cross to save my sins. Getting baptized is special to me because I want to follow Jesus more in my life.” —Henry Wentworth

“I was raised in a Christian household and accepted Christ when I was 14. My current relationship with him is much stronger now. I was baptized as a baby, but this baptism is me choosing it for myself. Since I have been a part of the Heroic Leadership Institute, my relationship with God feels like it’s been rejuvenated and is much stronger than it was earlier this year. I have recommitted myself to Christ and want to publicly proclaim my faith to others.” —Blake Ploutz

“I grew up in a Christian home, but I really found true relationship with Jesus once I started college 6 years ago. I’ve been following him ever since and want to continue to grow to be more and more like him. I was baptized as an infant but over the last year or two I’ve really felt a calling to be baptized after my own decision to follow Christ. I want to publicly proclaim the work he’s done in my life and that I’ll follow him for the rest of it!” —Nick Thomas

“I came to know Jesus by listening to music and some of the songs I listen to he speaks to me through that and he also speaks to me through a few verses that he guides me to in the Bible. My relationship with Jesus is a little up and down and I feel more than half of the time I keep walking away from him and I want to go back to him for help, but I get scared to because I feel like he is going to walk from me like people in my life do. Baptism is important to me because it shows that you are trying to move towards God and you are showing that you want to be closer to him.” —Abby Tollinger