Welcomed In

“My daughter started a new school in 6th grade and was the only one from her elementary school to go there. She is normally an outgoing, funny, and happy kid and up for meeting new people and new experiences. Making friends at her new school was tough though. All the other kids already had their friend groups established. Because of COVID, all after school clubs and fun activities cancelled. She was withdrawn, unhappy, and not eating much. She admitted to me that when she gets really upset, she thinks about “ending it”. Those words make me sick to even write. Academically, she is a good student that gets good grades. Socially and emotionally, she was in trouble.

She would go the Well on Sundays with her hood on and sit in the corner alone. She made comments about not believing in God. After all, the couple friends she had from her old school didn’t. She had a lot of questions about God I didn’t know how to answer. Then, I reached out and asked if she could join the middle school small group with Clint, even though it was mid-way through the connection period.

They were very welcoming and she joined the following week. It was awkward for her the first couple times, being the new kid again. However, it’s been the best thing for her! The kids are 6-8th graders who have become supportive friends. Outside of Wednesday small group time, they have video calls and group texts. My husband and I have looked through messages and eaves dropped on calls. I am amazed at how kind these kids are. During a video chat, they took turns saying what they liked about each other. The kindness, positivity, and support from her peers what what she needed. My daughter has also now made a couple friends at school, too. She is back to her happy, funny and outgoing self. God is really working through these kids and I am forever grateful.”