A Newfound Gratitude

“I knew the day was coming when I would have to go to the Emergency Room. I had been struggling, once again, for three weeks this time, with pain, nausea, and difficulty eating or drinking. 

On March 27, I called 911 and an ambulance took me to the ER where I was admitted. There were so many bountiful blessings poured out on me by our loving Lord and Savior during the eight-day hospital stay.

I received visits, cards, emails, and text messages from my dear friends that mean so much to me. My attending physicians showed me care, concern, and determination to solve my problematic digestive system. It was amazing to behold; all doctors consulting with one another and agreeing on the best solutions. The surgeons made a plan for me to have my incision hernia fixed, a laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, and have a feeding tube inserted.

By April 2nd, I praised Jesus for healing and his guidance to all of my amazing doctors. The pain down my right side was gone. It was sometimes at a level 8 pain and now was down to level 0.

While I got to go home from the hospital, I reached out to the Grandparents Prayer group, updating them with my status of weakness. It’s always been very difficult for me to ask for help, but I had to listen to God’s still small voice to ask for help from my beautiful Vineyard friends. 

I didn’t have the strength to prepare food for myself, so friends from my small group signed up to bring satisfying and fulfilling meals to me, including some delicious frittatas. I accepted offers of walking my dog and I can’t forget the generous people that drove me to clinic appointments when I felt I was too weak. 

It is now Monday, April 25 and I have had partial days of returned strength. Praise to my loving Father! I am learning to be diligent in listening to my body. With the brilliant help of my nutritionist and home health nurse, I am beginning to heal. I ask for continued prayers while I work to slowly get stronger, nourish my body and, hopefully, put on some weight.

My heart is full of gratitude for everyone at the Vineyard from leadership to staff to my small group friends and to everyone in between. My cup runneth over and I will forever be beyond grateful for your prayers, care, concern, and your generous help. 

This is a testimony that while I lost the strong, fit, healthy body I had in 2017 (along with many other deep losses of career, love, identity, and purpose) God is changing me inside. He is expanding, inflating, and building a new sense of gratitude for today, all that I have, and all that does work in my body. I have a hope of a brighter tomorrow.”