Celebrating May Baptism!

Each time we do Baptisms at the Duluth Vineyard, we like to ask folks about why they decided it was time to be baptized. Here’s what they shared with us:

“I would like to be baptized because Jesus is my forever friend and so he can be in my heart forever.” — Eloise Bergum

“I want to be baptized because I want Jesus to know that I will believe in him no matter what happens in my life. No matter what anybody says about Jesus, I will always love him.” —Ashlyn Pfeiffer

“I want to hang out with God and know more about God.” —Mason Hutchings

“Baptism will bring me strength and courage and a closer relationship with God and Jesus.” —Nadia Svobodny

“I would like to be baptized because my relationship with the Lord has become so rich, and continues to grow and point me in this direction.” —Ryan Larson