Marriage & Family Ministries

Because our marriages and families are vitally important to us and to God, we want to invest in helping our relationships be as healthy as they can be. We are here to provide you with various opportunities and resources to help you enrich, strengthen and grow your marriage and your family.

Family Ministry desires to empower every parent to live by the parenting principles found in God’s Word. We will do this through classes, ministry and community building events. We are committed to equipping parents with both the tools and the training they need to build strong families and raise kids who love Jesus.

Contact Monica Baladad for more information.

Events and Resources for Strong Marriages

Looking to get married at the Vineyard?
Here at the Vineyard, we want to help you and your partner enrich and strengthen your relationship, so as you’re thinking about starting a life with your partner, we’d love to walk through the entire process of not just getting married, but also setting your partner up for an incredibly healthy and vibrant relationship together.

Truth is, you really can get married anywhere; the Vineyard is just one of many options. Our goal is not to have you jump through “several hoops” to get married, but rather, we really believe God has nothing but good things for us and has invited us to partner with him as we grow as followers of Jesus and as a spouse.

We would love nothing more than to have the opportunity to connect with you and your partner to hear your story and dream together about what God has in store for you and your partner.

  1. Give us a call! Contact us at 218-525-3462 or send us a message and express your interest in meeting with someone about getting married. We’ll take down your information and get you connected with one of our leaders here at the Vineyard.
  2. You and your fiancé will meet with a leader to hear how you met, hear your engagement story, and celebrate with you. Then we’ll talk out loud about what it looks like to get married at the Vineyard. There are no tricks or hoops to jump through, but we do see from the Bible that there are several things we can do as followers of Jesus that will set our relationships up for success. We’ll also go through a wedding packet that spells out in detail everything we have to offer for your wedding. After this meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to reserve a date and location for your wedding if you so desire.
  3. Register for Fully Engaged, our premarital class here at the Vineyard. Fully Engaged is a six-week course we offer  that strategically delves into areas of married life that many couples get hung up on. Also, you’ll have the chance to sit down with one of our marriage coaches to walk through several resources we offer, as well as answer any questions you may have. We highly recommend this class for anyone who is considering getting married, regardless if you’re getting married at the Vineyard or not. Contact us to be registered for the next available course or to take the course online.

Marriage Coaches
We offer marriage coaching to any married couple at any time. There are a variety of obstacles you may be facing as a couple, and we’d love to have a trained marriage coaching couple come alongside you to help you restore your marriage. Call 218-525-3462 for more information on how to get started.

Events for Families

Early Childhood Graduation
Early Childhood Graduation is a memorable milestone we love celebrating. We welcome families of our incoming kindergarten class to celebrate with an ice cream social and graduation ceremony! The kids will also get to experience a grade school lesson while our staff and leaders meet with parents to answer any questions they may have.

9th Grade Intensive Day
You Finished Middle School! You are officially a high schooler! We are throwing an event just for you guys. On June 12, we will be learning about Vineyard Values, doing outreach project out in our community, playing games,  and then going to the burn starting 7pm. This event is free of charge. You can contact Jazz Cone with any questions.

Break Out! (Jr. High Service Day)
As Jr. highers we love to break out in song, dance, and laughter. This event we will break out on the city of Duluth, learning to love others in our own unique way. We will be washing cars, working at a food shelf, and handing out water as a way to practically serve Duluth on Saturday. On Friday we will be having a sleepover at church, playing fun games, and learning about why we do missions. Cost is $30.

Jr. High Bigger One
Let’s road trip to the Cities, spend the day at the zoo, sleep overnight at Minnesota Zoo with the animals, spend a day riding epic coasters at Valley Fair, and finish it all off with burritos the size of your face at Chipotle. It is possible to do it all. Bring a friend, and hold on, as we take you on the ride of your life. Registration must be done by July 31st, to secure your student’s spot. Register online, or at the welcome center.

Sr. High Bigger One
Let’s road trip to the Wisconsin Dells! We’ll be going to the beach, having some BBQ, spending the next day riding epic coasters, and water slides. Bring a friend, and hold on, as we take you on the ride of your life.

Parent Updates
We are always looking for better ways to serve families here at the Vineyard. One of the easiest and most efficient ways we can serve you is through healthy communication tools. Click for more details on how to keep informed about student ministries!


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