Investigation Updates

Our Journey to Find New Leadership

Our Team

The Duluth Vineyard Church Council (our Board of Directors) has appointed a Succession Committee.  Working with the Church Council and the Senior Leadership Team, this group will lead us on our journey to find a new senior pastor.

  • Ryan Baker
  • Jenna Clappier
  • Tom Donofrio
  • Dave Franzen (chair)
  • Ann LaCosse
  • Rachel Thapa

Their Mission

The mission of the Succession Committee is to seek and be led by Jesus in discerning who we are as the Duluth Vineyard, where Jesus is leading us, and the qualities of the individual that can help to lead us there.

The Process

The Succession Committee has established a process for finding a senior pastor. Through this process there are four stages and each has designated goals. 

Stage 1: firm foundation

  • Formation of succession committee to manage entire transition process
  • Evaluate, process and articulate how we got here
  • Discover, process and articulate where we are going (vision)
  • Discover, process and articulate what we need in a new senior pastor
  • Complete other foundational and preparatory tasks

Stage 2: Search Committee Prepares to Start the Search

  • Formation of search committee
  • Create a position description
  • Create candidate evaluation metrics
  • Design thorough interview process
  • Steps to reduce bias in search

Stage 3: the search

  • Get the word out about the opening
  • Develop potential candidate pool
  • Deciding who to interview
  • Interviews
  • Evaluate finalists

Stage 4: Closing the Deal

  • Making the choice
  • Extending a call
  • Welcoming new Senior Pastor


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