Why This Matters To Our Leaders

September 10, 2015 Andrea Bryant

We asked some of our team leaders, “Why are you involved with Building Communities of Hope?”

Because we love the Vineyard. This community has meant a lot to us in our lives personally and in our faith. We want to share that with other people and provide an opportunity for them to come and be touched by our church community and Jesus Christ, and to share the Vineyard with other cities and towns who haven’t experienced it.

-Connie and Brad Wick

Primarily, because we love the heart of the vineyard. This is a great opportunity to invest in that vision and be a substantial part of helping it grow and impact other’s lives.

Doug and Kim Olsen

For us, it’s a very simple thing, the Vineyard was there for us. Where would our lives be right now if we hadn’t encountered the Vineyard church? It’s that simple. We need to make sure that the Vineyard is there for others. Remember Jesus’ words, “To whom much is given, much is expected”.

– Bob and Ann LaCosse

Coming to the Vineyard was like opening a whole new world of relationship with Jesus. I had spent a good portion, probably three quarters of my life not knowing that beautiful relationship and I want more people to experience this, to see what a real walking, talking, living Christian can be like: knowing the love of Jesus and sharing that love with others. I received hope and it changed my life. I so want to share that with others.

– Kathlynn McConnell