How God Is With Me

“God is telling me to share what happened to me in August 26, 2016.  I was run over by a horse and hit in the forehead twice, which tore my forehead upward passed my scalp a little.  I remember laying on the ground crying and putting my hand to my forehead. I took my hand away and saw my hand all bloody.  I cried for Jesus to help me.  Then I heard a soft, loving, tender, caring male voice telling me to roll over.  No one was around me but I obeyed the voice. I heard it but didn’t see anyone.  So I rolled over and saw the blood just pouring out of my forehead.  Then I heard the same voice telling me to pull myself up. Where I got the strength had to be from God and I got to my feet, bending over and holding my head with one hand and the other hand used as a counter balance.  I got out of the pasture to safety and then I heard the voice telling me I was now safe. I remember my body collapsing to the ground. I was crying and in shock. Then I heard the voice tell me to scream for help. I obeyed again and through crying and screaming for help, people came running to me to help me. I didn’t hear the voice anymore.  I knew it had to be God’s voice. I’ve tried to define the voice, but no words can actually define what I heard. I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and got to the ER. My skull was showing so I had to get 5 stitches to cover that up, 10 stitches to sew up some tissue above that, and 27 stitches to close up the skin on my forehead. God saved my life and I was told in the ER that I was lucky to be alive. This is my 5th chance at life.  I know God has a purpose for me and I’m waiting patiently for Him to reveal it to me. I’m back working with horses and loving it.  Sure, I am dealing with PTSD and a lot of trauma, but God is helping me move onward.  I have been able to train horses in things I never dreamed before. God is guiding me and walking with me. I do have a TBI but I can’t let it control my life.   God helped me through a terrible incident and I long to hear His voice again. It was so awesome.  When you call for Him, He does help.  But it’s in ways you need to look for or in my case, His wonderful voice speaking to me. Praise God!!!

—Rena Carey