Faith as Small as a Mustard Seed

“Michael Gatlin and I were teaching our Learning to Pray like Jesus a few weeks ago. Towards the end, we moved to the practical application part where we practice praying for someone, actually “doing the stuff” as John Wimber said.

We asked if anyone had any physical pain. Immediately, a gentleman named Will responded saying,“My knees hurt.” On a scale of 1-10, he said that his pain level was an 8.

We weren’t sure what God was up to, and maybe feeling a bit unsure about God healing someone who so much knee pain, we asked if there was anyone else who needed prayer. A few others raised their hands, but God gently whispered, “Will’s the guy.”

The first time we practice, we have the class watch, so they can observe what happens. We talk about what to notice, why we keep our eyes open, and why we use simple words. Michael had Will come to the front and stand, which was observably difficult for him to do; he cringed as he stood. Michael began praying, and I commentated about what we were seeing.

I was already thinking about how to share with the class that more often that not, we don’t see physical healings when we pray and the idea of the now and not yet of the kingdom. But, to our surprise, after less than a minute of praying, we checked in with Will. He shared that his pain had gone down from an 8 to a 4. In such a short amount of time, his pain was cut in half!

So, Michael kept praying. He had his hands on both of Will’s knees and as Michael very simply prayed for God to heal, Michael felt a pop. Will felt it as well. In another couple of minutes, Will was completely healed. His knee pain was gone! He had tears of disbelief and joy, and the class erupted in excitement. It was one of the most amazing healing experiences I’ve had the privilege of being involved in.

Michael and I talked later about  how we both had a lack of faith that anything would happen. We read in Matthew 17:20 that the faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains, and we sure had mustard seed sized faith that night!

My tiny faith extended beyond that evening. While yes, the healing was amazing, I found myself doubting. This couldn’t possibly be true, not really. Maybe it was a fluke, or adrenaline, or a temporary healing and the pain would return in a few days. Oh me of little faith! I decided to check in on Will, figuring my assumptions were probably true. To my shock and delight, Will’s knees remain pain-free and he is worshipping God in a way he never has before. God is so good, even with our finest of faiths.”

—Becca Eastvold