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Weekend Services from the Vineyard church in Duluth, MN. Visit our website: https://duluthvineyard.org for more information about our services, times and our church.

A Lesson in How Not to Repent

November 14, 2022
In this message, Michael leads us through another look at the 10 plagues. This time, we look through the lens of idolatry, the way God is confronting the idolatry of the Egyptians, and, honestly, of all of us.

Yahweh Makes Himself Known

October 31, 2022
God is on a mission to reveal his name and character. Eventually, everyone will know who he is and what he is like. But, how does God make himself known? In this message, Brian shares on two key ways God reveals himself to his people.

Freedom For A Purpose: Knowing And Worshiping Yahweh

October 24, 2022
The entire exodus event is like a monument that constantly reminds us who God is and what he’s like and it reminds us what our lives are to be like—who and what we serve, whose we are, what it means to be the people of God in our current moment in history. Michael digs into this within Exodus Chapters 5 & 6.

A Question of Identity: Who Are You, Really?

October 17, 2022

As followers of Christ, we are invited into a very different way of life, a life connected to a creator who deeply loves us and who is inviting us into an adventure of becoming more like him. The book of Exodus is crammed full of extremely helpful pointers about how to live this new way of life. In this message, Michael shares some of these pointers from some of the more difficult verses in Chapter 4, ones that often get ignored or brushed aside.

Mission To Make Yahweh’s Name Known

October 10, 2022

In this message, John goes back to Exodus 3 to help us take another look at the burning bush story. This time we explore from Moses’ perspective to see what it teaches us about us as people and what God is calling us to.

Yahweh is God’s Name

October 3, 2022
In Exodus, we see that God’s on a mission to reveal his name, his character, and his purpose to his chosen people, and then through those chosen people to reveal his name and reputation to all the nations, to everyone. In this message, John focuses in on God’s name and how his character is revealed in the Exodus story.

Slowly Becoming Connected To The Story of God

September 26, 2022
In the biblical book of Exodus, God makes himself known and shows the humans what it’s like to live as his people on the earth. In this message, Michael teaches on the ability of the Exodus story to remind us how God has worked in the past and how meditation on it can help to help us say “yes” to what God is inviting us into today.

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