The Humble King of Joy

December 16, 2018

This Advent, we’re focusing on welcoming Christ into our lives as the Humble King. A key part of the story of the birth of Jesus, of God coming to earth, is Joy! So how do we open up the door to more joy in our lives this holiday season?

Advent: Humble King

November 25, 2018

We live in a society that says humility is a good idea, but often doesn’t really practice it. Clint helps us look at Jesus as the Humble King and what it means for us to embrace the humble life.

Embodying the Kingdom of God in Everyday Life

October 21, 2018

Jesus invites us saying “Come, follow me, and I will make you…”. So what is God making you? Michael explores this passage in Matthew 4 and explains how God has created us with unique gifts which, if we follow Him, will be used to fulfill our innermost desires.

Whatever Happened to Hard Work?

October 14, 2018

Our culture likes to celebrate overnight success stories. We want to think we can all get rich quick or win the lottery. But what about hard work? John helps us take a look at what the Bible says about our work in Proverbs.

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