Speaker: Brian Brinkert

Yahweh Makes Himself Known

October 31, 2022
God is on a mission to reveal his name and character. Eventually, everyone will know who he is and what he is like. But, how does God make himself known? In this message, Brian shares on two key ways God reveals himself to his people.

Engage & Bless

June 27, 2022

How we experience key relationships in our lives often influences how we tend to see God. In this message from Father’s Day, Brian shares about how we can more deeply experience God’s love and in turn engage and bless others by putting that love into action each day.


Learning to Pray like Jesus

May 16, 2022
All of us are invited to engage in ministry. This isn’t just something for a select few important people. So, how can we learn to pray like Jesus, heal like Jesus, and cast out the demonic like Jesus? Brian shares what we can learn from Mark 9 to help us answer those questions.

Peace Made New

December 10, 2021

This theme of peace is a big one at Christmas time. It shows up in Christmas songs and movies and it is at the heart of the Biblical story of Christmas. Peace is something that we long for, and we desperately need more of. So, how can peace be made new through Jesus?

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