Stories of Hope

At Home at the Vineyard

“I recently talked to a woman who shared her experience coming to the Vineyard. She grew up in the Roman Catholic church and only understood a little bit of the messages as she felt it was almost if they were in another language. The first time she came to the Vineyard she said she felt…

On A Transformational Journey

“I’m on a transformational journey as our staff has been walking through a discipleship process right now that invites us to look at our day to day lives and ask, how am I showing up in the room, how am I showing up in my relationships with God, myself, and with others. We ask, what…

Faithful Healing to Nerves and Bones

“Almost annually, my right arm starts to get sharp shooty pains from computer work. It happened most recently right before Christmas. I had a few folks from our staff pray for it a couple times, and you know what? No pain! God brings healing faithfully to my nerves and bones. Thank you God!” —Anthony Schaefer

Growth and Change Through Mexico Mission Trip

“A part of being the Missions pastor here at the Vineyard is an opportunity to go on missions trips to Mexico. I’ve been there over 10 times. On our last trip in January 2018, I began feeling like all those years of being there and having relationships even if only for 10 days at a time…

God Beckoning Me Into Healthier Living

“The last six months, at least, have been a journey of God highlighting to me specific areas of brokenness or where I have a tendency to respond out of my false self rather than true self. More specifically, he has highlighted my tendency to get defensive when I don’t feel valued or even when someone…

Living in the Tension

“Recently, I became Power of Attorney to four people & a dog in a very short period of time. I lost my job due to a family emergency leave because my daughter and grandson were in protective custody due to a domestic abuse situation. My mother and brother lost everything in one day to a…

God Heals Neck Pain

“I was on the prayer team a few weeks ago, and a guy came up for prayer saying that he’d been having pretty bad neck pain in the mornings and evenings. He was also contemplating praying for healing in a co-worker of his, but wanted to ask for healing on his own first. We asked…

Receiving Peace Which Surpasses All Understanding

“This year, Jesus has been helping experience more and more of his glorious peace. The kind of “peace which surpasses all understanding”. I grew up as a kid of divorced parents, and marriage had always been a scary thought for me. There was a lot of pressure and worry attached to the idea for me…

Living With More Freedom

“A couple months ago I had a particular time praying with a small group of women. As I was sharing some of my experiences, they felt like there were some strongholds in my life. When they prayed for me, I experienced deliverance: it was a dramatic time of prayer for me when they prayed for…


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