Stories of Hope

Being Open and Honest about Shame

“Shame for me is that voice inside me screaming: YOU AREN’T GOOD ENOUGH, YOU AREN’T WORTHY, YOU WILL NEVER FIND LOVE. I’ve battled these lies for as long as I can remember, but have never been able to say it was shame. Honestly, I am not sure the label matters as much as the truth…

God Answers Prayers

“As a summer senior at University of Minnesota Duluth, I was getting depressed about not meeting any believers. I prayed about it and lo and behold, I met Rosan who offered to take my husband and I to the Duluth Vineyard. We love it as it is similar to our home church in Palm Beach…

The Art of Neighboring

A few years back, one of my good friends wrote a book about loving our neighbors. I know, not an original idea, right? But it really is a very good book. Here is his basic idea… Jesus tells a story in Luke 10:25-37 that we know as “The Good Samaritan.” The point of Jesus’ story…

Engaging with what God is doing

This year at the Vineyard we are continuing to study through the book of Acts together on the weekends, looking at how God invites and empowers each of us, his church, to join him. We want to cultivate an awareness in each of our lives, something we call “looking for what the Father is doing.”…

God Made Our Marriage Beautiful

“This is our story of Hope. God knew just how to reach us and transform us. Our marriage faced challenges, but, as we said yes to Jesus, he radically restored it. Melissa: We were both raised to believe in God. However, that belief didn’t extend to a personal relationship with Jesus or an understanding of…

Out of Despair and Addiction

“I don’t remember exactly when it started, or how it got so out of control.  I’ve struggled with drug and alcohol abuse most of my adult life.  My life was rollercoasters of moderate responsibility followed by complete self-sabotage. I became a master of fixing my life just in the nick-of-time.  Life began by holding God…

Dancing Queen

“God brought me through an experience I will never forget. At the Engaging In the Kingdom Women’s Conferences, Brenda Gatlin delights all of us with wonderful contests and fun prizes. This year was no exception. One of the delightful, energetic contests is a dance-off. I heard the announcement for this and my whole being said: “YES, I…

Scar Tissue Healed

“I had a partial hysterectomy in August 2014. I had a lot of internal scar tissue built up from this. This caused extreme pain a few times a month. The pain was worse than active labor. About a month ago, I had people pray for it. I now have no scar tissue and have had…



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