Stories of Hope

Growing through Serving at the Vineyard Brew

“At first we began serving coffee because one Saturday they were short-staffed. We asked Molly if there was anything we could do to help. Before we knew it, we were working every other Saturday. The more experience we got with making coffee, the more we enjoyed it. Now we look forward to serving coffee every…

A Prayer of Breakthrough

“This past weekend during prayer ministry time, I felt like God gave me a word for a woman who I know, but not super well, and I went over to her as she was singing in the auditorium. I told her I felt like God gave me something for her about how he sees her…

When I Grow Up

“My name is Klaire and I am 5 years old. I believe in God because he changed my mom’s mind and helps us fight our sadness. God has given me his love and that is very special to me. I enjoy reading my bible with my dad and listening to ‘God’ music with mom. My…

God Breaks Chains Through Baptism

“I was born and baptized a Catholic. However about 30 years ago I was dating my now husband at the time and started attending a non-denominational church. It was the first time I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior.  We married and raised our 2 sons and attended church every Sunday and did a Bible…

A Challenge for our Vineyard Kids

“I’ve given Vineyard Kids a challenge that every week they are invited to do something kind for someone and tell them they did the kind thing because “God loves me and God loves you.” This weekend I had groups of kids sharing their success. Here are a couple highlights: One kid noticed another kid being…

Just Something Small

“Today I prayed for someone who said they had a headache—after I prayed, it got better! Yay Jesus! Then I also prayed for someone who said they had a pain in their chest—after I prayed, no more pain! Woo Jesus! So, let’s keep asking “can I pray for you right now?” even when it’s just…

God Changing Me

“For about forty seven years I had an unhappy relationship with my mother-in-law, always under the surface. We are totally different in personality, faith, and outlook on life. I had fear of being around her and was uncomfortable and felt like a misfit in the family. One day I just asked God to take this…

Praying at the Fitness Center

“Last week I was in the locker room of the fitness center I attend, when a stranger came to her locker, read a message on her phone and started to cry. Very hard to ignore, right?  After asking a couple of questions, I asked if I could pray for her. I prayed for her and her…

God Handpicked This Community For Me!

“I’ve been at the Duluth Vineyard for over ten years and I believe God handpicked this community for me even when after my first visit, I thought the people and the music were too loud! They walk around getting coffee, going to the bathroom during the service and I can’t concentrate. I didn’t get anything…



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