Stories of Hope

Reaching out During COVID-19

A phone call. They seem so old fashioned these days but the art of conversation and reaching out to others has significant value to those receiving a call, especially during a pandemic. I was asked at the beginning of COVID-19 to help make some calls to individuals in our church community and I’m so glad…

Finding Happiness in a Pandemic

“The key to happiness: a pandemic. Now isn’t that the most backward thing you’ve ever heard? I almost feel ashamed writing that, but it’s sadly true for me. Before I dive into my revelations during COVID-19, I want to state that I am so incredibly grateful for all of our medical professionals, service industry workers,…

Doing Online Small Group

“Last week our Small Group decided last-minute to meet online, and it actually went super well. 7 people were on the zoom call and they were very grateful we were meeting during this difficult time. We had one of the best ministry times we’ve had so far. Many of us who got prayer felt the…

God Provides For Our Specific Practical Needs

“This past weekend in Fruit of the Vine, our team was chatting about how things went that morning and if there were any cool stories of getting to talk with guests, pray for someone or how God showed up. Our volunteer who had been working in the Free Clothing Closet shared that one of the…

Prison Ministry Makes a Difference

“I recently greeted a gentleman who came into the church during the week asking to speak with a pastor. When I asked what it was about, he replied that he just really needed a pastor. I got him connected with a pastor who talked and prayed with him and he surrendered his life to Jesus.…

Jesus Knows Your Name

“This past weekend in Vineyard Kids, we were practicing praying. When we talk about prayer, we teach kids that it’s both talking and listening to God. So we help the kids practice listening to God, by creating a space to sit in the quiet and see what God says. We say they might feel like…

A Disappointing Prayer for Healing

“A while ago, I developed a horrendous stabbing pain in my feet. Just getting out of bed in the morning was a painful experience. It would come and go throughout the day; if I was on my feet for an extended period of time my feet would ache. Once I got home and sat down,…

Building Community through Freedom for Life

After a recent recovery small group called Freedom for Life, the women involved shared about their experience in the group and how they’ve been growing as a result:   “Before this, my support network of positive Christan women was almost non-existent. One person can’t hold up another person. That’s not how it works. It’s been amazing…

Healing for Bone Spur Pain

“I recently had an MRI that showed that I had a bone spur and neighboring damaged soft tissue. The bone spur caused pain and a grinding sensation and I was scheduled for surgery to remove it. I have been attending Alpha at the Duluth Vineyard and was in a session about the Holy Spirit and…



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