Stories of Hope

Delivering Hope

“I’m so glad we’ve been able to continue delivering food to people in need who we’ve never been able to serve before! This week, one of our volunteers got to talk and pray over the phone with a guest who was experiencing the death of a family member. We were able to deliver food to…

Baptism Stories of Hope

We recently celebrated Baptisms at the Duluth Vineyard. Here are a few stories from folks who participated about why they decided it was time to be baptized: I have surrendered my whole life to Christ and getting baptized is a public testament of my true commitment to him. —Eva Whitehorse It signifies the beginning of…

Finding Peace and Joy in the Advent Season

“September 2018, my world, as I knew it and took for granted, turned upside down after an intestinal surgery went wrong. It was my second such surgery in six months due to a mistake made in my first emergency surgery.  Long story short and after three total surgeries within 14 months, I had no choice…

On the Right Track: Healing After Ear Surgeries

“About 3 years ago, my mom pointed out an irregular mole on the top of my ear and told me I should get it checked. Last fall, I finally made a dermatology appointment for spring to get it taken care of. COVID-19 delayed it by another 2 months, but I eventually got my appointment. They determined…

Casting my Anxieties on God

“Fear and anxiety have felt like a fairly consistent part of my life since I was young. Over the last 6 or so years, I have been learning how to cast these anxieties on God and let him bring his truths to my life. It has been a journey filled with ups and downs as…

Growing Through Freedom for Life Small Groups

For me the biggest thing I took away from doing the Freedom for Life small group besides the material was the connection. I moved back to Duluth in May and didn’t really talk to anyone outside of work. From that time until the group started, I was just wallowing in loneliness. Then two weeks before…

Fruit of the Vine Food Shelf Celebrations

God is so good and continues to give us new creative ways to serve our city by meeting practical and spiritual needs in our Fruit of the Vine Food Shelf. Along with doing unlimited drive-through visits and delivering food to those in need, June has been full of things to celebrate: We had a fun…

Confessing Pride and Receiving Love

“When I said yes to Jesus, it allowed for transformation in life in ways I could never imagine. Pain, recognizing the vow made to cover that pain, and the need to confess a sin… I did not know this was all a part of my path when I said yes in April 1973, but that…



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